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Cedar Roofing & Cedar Singles in Vancouver

Natural, beautiful and sustainable!

One of our specialties at Komo Roofing is our cedar installations. Understanding how each piece comes together on a residential roof and ensuring that the finished product is an esthetically beautiful showpiece of your home.

Why choose cedar shingles/shakes for your roof?

Because it is a beautiful and sustainable product monitored and produced through responsible environmental practices, we only offer BC product cedar. Plus cedar is a product that has provided a classic look for close to a century in the lower mainland.

At Komo Roofing we only install product provided by the best cedar mills in BC. If you’re looking for cedar shingles on Vancouver Island or in Vancouver, we are able to supply this for you.

We only supply cedar products that meet the highest standard of responsible forestry practices. A newly installed cedar roof, when done by experienced professionals, is an extremely beautiful piece of work, but beyond being beautiful, cedar also offers many other exceptional benefits that other roofing products cannot provide on their own. Some of these benefits are:

  • Providing natural insulation
  • Breath-ability
  • Sustainable

Cedar Products

Picking the right cedar product definitely requires advice from trained and informed professionals. Call Komo Roofing and we can review your options to make sure that you pick the best product for your home. From choosing the right manufacturers to picking the desired finish or look for your home, we can help. We can also review and cover any question pertaining to the manufacturer’s warranties with the associated products being reviewed.

Some of the options you can look at are:

  • Tapersawn shakes
  • Handsplit Shakes
  • Perfection Shingles

These products can range in thickness, grade, lifespan expectancy and finish, let us help you select the right cedar product for your home

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Recommended Manufacturers:

Teal-Jones Group

The Teal Jones Group is involved in timber harvesting and the manufacture of primary lumber products in the coastal region of British Columbia, Canada’s most westerly province. We produce a wide range of solid wood products including high quality appearance/decorative products, structural lumber for housing and general construction, special sizes and grades for remanufacturing, as well as utility and lower grade products suitable for pallets, packaging and other industrial uses. These products are produced in the five softwood species that grow in the coastal region: Western hemlock – Hem-Fir (N), Douglas fir (N), Western red cedar, Yellow cedar and Sitka spruce.
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