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5 Common Roofing Problems in Vancouver BC

Vancouver’s summers can be a hot and beautiful place to be but as winter settles in, the shorter days can bring in a whole host of roofing issues. Here are five common issues we see happen to Vancouver and the surrounding lower mainland roofs.

Broken or Clogged gutters

As the days become shorter and the trees begin to change color there is one part of your roof that needs your close attention. These parts are your gutters. As trees begin to lose their leaves, they tend to have the habit of dropping some of their foliage on your roof. These ultimately end up sliding down your roof and fall into your gutters. With the sudden increase in rainy days, it is extremely easy to find your gutters clogged. Fall and winter storms can also cause damage to your gutters. Any broken gutters need to be fixed as soon as possible as a leaking or broken gutter can cause damage to other parts of your house such as your walls or possibly leak into your home.  


living in the Pacific Northwest there is an abundance of moss everywhere you go. It can be a beautiful thing but there is one place where it does not belong. And that is your roof! Moss on a roof can clog your gutters or in the worst case, damage your roof. It’s important to have the moss removed as soon as possible. There are many products in-store that can remove this moss. However, if accessing your roof is difficult it is best left with your roofing experts.  

Animals and pests

Vancouver has a whole host of little critters and bugs that love to call your home or roof their own. From woodpeckers that try and build their house in your walls to the mice that call your attic home, there is a large host of animals that want to utilize your roof as well. The issue with this is that they can cause damage to your roof and it does not take very much time at all for them to get to work on making holes or removing roofing material. Check for pests and birds and ensure that they are not damaging your roof.  


Not looking after your roof or having it checked from time to time can cause premature wear and a whole load of issues to stack up ultimately resulting in the need for a roof replacement. If you are not able to see your roof it’s a good idea to hire a professional to check it if you think there could be damage or other issues. Leaving a roof replacement to the last moment can cause other costly damages to your home.  


BC’s rainy falls and winters can bring in heavy winds and sometimes even heavy snowfalls. A storm can cause havoc on your roof by sending tree branches and other objects hurtling. Large branches and objects can break off shingles or remove objects likes vents from your room. These will ultimately end up causing water ingress. It is best to have your roof inspected by professionals if you think there has been any damage done to your roof.

Common Roof Questions?

These are just a few of the common roofing issues you may face living in Vancouver. Have a different issue than the ones posted? Have a question about your roof? Contact Komo Roofing today! We are your local and trusted experts when it comes to everything roofing.
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